Once upon a time...

there was a woman named deb who was married to a man

named ed. they dreamt of owning a business together that

they could have when ed retired. deb came up with the 

perfect idea: a mini [baby] donut shop. so after a lot of 

PREPARATION to make it just right, they opened a small

donut stand that was only open on Saturdays. In a short 

amount of time, the donuts DELICIOUS aroma and even 

MORE delicious taste brought more and more customers to 

bb's and inspired the two to expand to a cute & colorful sit 

down shop. donut lovers from all over visit bb's and deb 

and ed are so thankful for them all because they made their dreams come true. 

& the donut lady and the donut man worked 

happily ever after

the end.